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36 days

of type

36daysoftype — 2021

36daysoftype — 2021

a — lign

b — oolean

c — omposition

d — ynamics

e — xpressions

f — luids

g — olden ratio

h — andles

i — nfinite loop

j — iggle

k — eyframe

l — ayer

m — otion path

n — oise

o — rbit

p — arent

q — ueue

R — otation

S — imulation

T — imeline

U — nwrapping

V — olumetric lighting

W — alk cycle

x — presso

Y — axis

Z — depth

36 days of type
2020 - 2021
Art Direction
Jens Buchholz
3D Animation
Jens Buchholz
People often ask me, what do you actually do in your job, what is motion design? But how do you describe your daily business to someone, for example your grandparents or your best friend, who has little to no contact with design? Unfortunately words don't help, but rather pictures or in my case, videos. That's how the idea for this project came about. The 36DaysOfType challenge was the perfect platform to assign each letter of the alphabet to a term from my work environment.
Motion Design and 3D animations during my time at comdirect, created with Cinema 4D.